About poker tools

There’s too many z*ngatools available for download now , anywhere.

But for sure, this tools not created by z*nga. Z*nga never made this tools legally. If you find anyone or someone say its legal, its totally 100% fake.

Please , do not ever trust any tools that someone offer you, ( 2.5 , 1.0 , 2.0 , or any version . )

This all made by 3rd party, and totally not safe. Please only use the tools that you got from your trusted buyer. So , you can ask any guarentee that the tools its safe. All version available for download or install until this time is fake. All tools must including keylogger inside. Keylogger will record everything you type on google chrome, not only your facebook account, but everything you type when your browse Internet using google chrome.

” I am downloading from chrome store , its must be safe” , and 2 days later, she got hacked with 2b. story of my buyer. Well, Put the application on chrome store its totally free, and google chrome never check it. You can put the application you made there, ask you like. Same like Googleplay ( android market ) , everyone can put anything there. Its not guarenteed the software its safe.

Stop made this hacker get your privacy at free. Always and always use the tools, that you can ask for guarentee from him.

Our tools created by our team. We 100% will not try to stole your Identity. Why ? because we are a good seller, We do this for bussines, we dont like to ruin our own bussines. But for sure, thousand hacker there around the world, will gladly happy when you download their software, because they will get all your privacy..

Stop Using other tools extension , except from us. The v2.5 extensions available in google chrome market is including keylogger.


We alerady got many complaint about being hacked, Version 2.5 is a bad one, http://www.facebook.com/ZyngaTool This is the bad tools, no matter what it say, its including keylogger.. So, if you have other version of this tools, please uninstall it now. Trust only our tools, or you can lose your chips to hacker.

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