how to prevent your chips from hacker

First of all, i wrote this page just to share an Information for All poker players over the world.
We are all player agree, that this cracker ( sometimes people call them a Hacker ) really annoying. When we trying to win some chips, they trying to stole it. WTF, maybe they just a some slumdog boy. Too poor to buy some chips. Gosh darn it!

I get this info from my friend. He is a chips seller too. Thanks to him for this trick.

Do this step while praying that we will not lose our chips while we are waiting z***a repair their security system.

1st Choice :

  1. Go to
  2. Choose zy**a poker game on zy**
  3. Log in using facebook account from “connect with facebook” button available on zy**a
  4. During the game play, never login to your facebook account. Do not ever open your facebook account , while playing poker.
  5. Never play poker from facebook. until zy**a do maintenance for their security system.

2nd Choice ( deactivate facebook account temporarry )

  1. Login on your facebook account
  2. Login to your texas holdem poker in new tab or new Window ( open 2 window or tab )
  3. Back to the old tab, on facebook home, Click Account Setting –> Security –> Deactivate your account..
  4. Check on “This is temporary. I’ll be back.”
  5. put password and captcha.
  6. Play poker while you still on deactivate condition.
  7. Dont worry, you still can login with usual way if you want to open your facebook Account by filling email and passwords like usual.


one time you forget to do this step, its will be the best chance for hacker to took your chips

We can’t Guarentee your Chips 100% safe from them. But for now we use this system and so far this step can keep our chips safe.
Enjoy your game 🙂

Remember, facebook never ask your email and password, if you come to site which ask for email and password, even when the site displaying same colour with facebook, its mean you on phising site. Do not ever put your detail info there.

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