Missing table name ?

we have a 3rd party software to make your poker account will shown up the table name.

Ask us for tutorial video and link.

We will give you the link to download the plug-in ( only for our buyer ).

This Plug-in only work for Google Chorme and citrio browser.


How to install extension in chrome/opera 17/citrio :
1. Download SecureZyngaExtension.crx
2. Open chrome/opera 17/citrio
3. Use shortcut keyboard “CTRL+SHIFT+DEL”
4. In the dialog that appears, tick top 4 options and select “the beginning of time” on Obliterate the following items from option.
5. Click “Clear browsing data”
6. Click Extensions form left menu
7. Drag and drop SecureZyngaExtension.crx
8. In the dialog that appears, Click Add to finish

YouTube Video:

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